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Moving to a new home can prove to be a troubled experience if not done right. After all, the relocation can be quite a complex task as it involves moving all your furniture and other belongings. Individuals who are aware of the challenges usually prefer to hire Sydney to Cairns removalists, as that’s the most logical choice. Rather than troubling yourself with the removal, you can simply get experienced professionals to carry it out.

Our team at Monarch Removals holds extensive experience in delivering moving services in Australia. Over the years, we have succeeded in building up a great reputation and earning the trust of our customers. You may stay assured that regardless of the scale of the job, our professional team would handle it efficiently.

What challenges would you face without Sydney to Cairns removalists?

One of the key reasons behind hiring a Sydney to Cairns removalist is that it helps to tackle a number of challenges. Without the help of experienced professionals, one could find the whole experience to be quite daunting. Here are some of the biggest challenges that you could face during a DIY removal:

  1. Organization

Making the necessary arrangements and organizing the move is likely the biggest challenge that an inexperienced individual would face. After all, if you do not know how to carry out a removal, you would naturally face difficulties in finding suitable transport and arranging for a safe removal. Professionals can arrange Sydney to Cairns removals properly, ensuring a seamless experience.

  1. Safe removal

Keeping your items safe from damage or theft could be a concern too if you do not have the necessary provisions. Besides damages during transportation, faulty handling is a cause of concern too. However, the safety of your belongings wouldn’t be something to worry about in case you hired Sydney to Cairns movers for the job.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

Moving to your new home in a cost-effective manner could prove to be a challenge during a removal arranged by yourself too. For instance, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the benefits of interstate backloading, unlike while hiring a professional removal company. Although you might think that carrying out the removal yourself would help you save money, hiring Sydney to Cairns removalists is actually more cost-effective.

  1. Transportation and storage

Finding trucks of suitable sizes and arranging for the transportation could turn out to be a hassle. One should keep in mind that while a truck that is too small would be insufficient, an excessively large truck would be a waste too. In case you have to vacate your current property but cannot move your belongings to your new home yet, you might also face difficulties with finding a safe place to store them. Hiring a professional furniture removalist would save you from all these problems.

  1. Timeliness

As mentioned before, removals can be quite complicated and might take some time. Especially if you need time figuring out how to go about it, arranging for transportation and readying all your stuff, there might be unnecessary delays. However, reputed removalists Sydney to Cairns are always professional in their approach and carry out every removal job timely.

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How can you be sure of the safety of your belongings?

Many homeowners hesitate to hire removal companies as they fear for that the risks of loss or damages are high. This is completely untrue, as leading companies always carry out removals Sydney to Cairns in an extremely careful manner.

  • In case you hire our storage services, rest assured that your belongings would be truly safe from theft, moisture or damage. We use secure storage facilities with sophisticated safety features.
  • The professional experience of Sydney to Cairns removalists who have been in this industry for a while allows them to handle every item in the right manner. You need not worry about any damages that could occur due to poor handling.
  • To stay ahead in the competitive market, every removal company needs to earn the trust of their customers. Hence, keeping your belongings safe and sound is important for any removal company that has a reputation to uphold.
  • It is understandable if you still do not feel convinced. However, you might want to note that we also offer insurance for the goods while they are our responsibility. Hence, in case we lose your belongings or any item suffers damages, we would compensate you for it.

Is backloading a good option?

One of the key advantages of hiring interstate removal companies is that you could opt for a backloading delivery. This is an extremely efficient practice where removal companies carry out two or more removal jobs in one go. While this helps us carry out our work more efficiently and at cheaper costs, it would help you save money too. After all, when you share a truck with others, the costs would naturally get split.

There are a number of myths regarding backloading, such as:

  • Your belongings wouldn’t receive adequate care.
  • The company might mix up your belongings with someone else’s.
  • There may be major delays in your delivery.

The top Sydney to Cairns removalists can easily debunk all these myths and help you enjoy a great experience through backloading. Our professionals always carry out the job in a well-organized manner, labelling boxes belonging to different customers separately. We plan ahead and take factors like weather and traffic conditions into consideration to maintain punctuality.

What makes us a great option?

We are easily one of the best interstate removalists in the region and there are several reasons behind it. Here is why you might want to choose us over other removal companies:

  • We care about our customers and take a client-centric approach.
  • Our services are affordable and there are no hidden charges.
  • We can provide you with a comprehensive package of services.
  • Our track record is the perfect testimony of our reliability.

You could our removalist cost calculator to get an idea of the charges. If you are fine with it, feel free to call Monarch Removals at 1300 947 475 or fill up this contact us form. We assure you that you wouldn’t regret roping in Sydney to Cairns removalists if you pick our experienced team for the job.


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I have recently experienced my 16th house move since 1980 and I am delighted to inform you that your team were exceptional. Nothing was too much trouble for them, the loading and unloading of my belongings were conducted with professionalism and never has a house move been so much pleasure!

Debbie M, Castle Hill NSW

You were kind enough to move my wife and myself from Sydney to our new home in Brisbane, and I just want to tell you how very pleased we were with the first class help from your staff, both in the office and the removal team themselves

John T, Potts Point NSW

We thank you for a relatively painless move. Everything went smoothly and on time. Your two operatives were superb! Working efficiently and cheerfully, Without doubt, a credit to Monarch Removals

Sally B, Kiama NSW

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you so much for all the support you personally gave for my short notice move - you were outstanding. The team were excellent and managed the pack and unpack in record time and for that I am also grateful

Robert Killara NSW

The guys at Monarch are the hardest workers I've known. Excellent in every aspect, they made the move stress free

David S, Liverpool NSW

The staff were friendly, funny and diligent. It was a relief to have such a competent crew move us during our stressful period

Maria P, Parramatta

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