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Relocating your home or office usually turns out to be a hassle, with plenty of things to worry about. One of the key problems in moving your belongings is the risk of damaging them in the process. The safety of your belongings is, naturally, of paramount importance. This is why it is logical to hire reputed Canberra to Brisbane removalists who know how to handle the job. Professionals would move each and every item safely and with great care.

In case you feel unsure about where to find reliable moving services, you may relax knowing that we are one of the best companies for the job. At Monarch Removals, we have successfully built a successful track record in this field of work. Our team has experience in handling various residential and commercial removal jobs and can tackle yours seamlessly.

Canberra to Brisbane removalists: Why should you rely on them to keep your items safe?

You might be wondering why you should trust interstate removal companies to keep your items safer than you yourself would. Well, while you are the one to whom the belongings mean the most, professionals simply have the means and the expertise for the job. Moreover, considering that you hire a company that has a reputation to uphold, they would care for your belongings as much as you would. Here are some of the reasons that make Canberra to Brisbane removalists like us trustworthy:

  1. Careful handling

One of the biggest risks while handling the removal by yourself is dropping any of the items or damaging them in other ways while moving them around. This is especially a cause of concern while moving fragile items of heavy and bulky furniture. However, years of professional experience enable removalists to move each and every item safely.

  1. Proper packing and loading

Professionals know the best ways to pack different items. As the whole purpose of packing the goods is to protect them from damage during transportation, this is evidently a key advantage. A reliable Canberra to Brisbane removalist would pack every item properly, load them safely onto the truck and anchor them before setting out.

  1. Transit insurance

Despite every precaution and the extremely low risks of damaging or losing any item, one cannot rule out the possibility of an accident. However, well-established Canberra to Brisbane removalists offer transit insurance coverage that compensates for any loss or damage to the items they might be carrying. Thus, you may enjoy the peace of your mind knowing that all your belongings are insured by the company.

This should give you a clear idea of why reputed removal companies are so reliable when it comes to keeping your items safe and sound.

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Should you hire packing services?

Considering the importance of packing in a removal job, it makes sense to let experienced professionals handle it. Good Canberra to Brisbane removalists can help you avert various challenges with packing, such as:

  • Acquiring the necessary packing materials
  • Packing large items like beds and other furniture
  • Packing your belongings using the right techniques

Besides making your job easier, professional packing services from Canberra to Brisbane movers can also help you save money. They can provide you with all the necessary materials, including furniture blankets and bubble wraps at affordable costs. Moreover, their expertise would enable them to decide on the right amount of packing materials to purchase. This would help to avoid spending on more materials than you actually need.

Should you hire commercial removal services for offices and warehouses?

Besides helping you move to a new residence, leading companies also offer commercial removal services. We, for instance, could help you move an office or a warehouse. In fact, if you are debating on whether to hire removalists Canberra to Brisbane for a commercial removal, rest assured that it would be worth your money. Here is why it is imperative to rope in a professional company for a commercial removal:

  1. Reliability

When it comes to your business, it is always advisable to work with a furniture removalist that is professional and reliable. After all, you would not want unnecessary delays to hamper your business operations. Now, when you work with a reputable company for Canberra to Brisbane removals, you can rest assured that the team would be timely and punctual. Such companies understand the impact of the quality of their services on their clients’ businesses.

  1. Scalability

A commercial removal job may scale based on the size of the office or the warehouse. For instance, moving a large warehouse full of goods can be a highly challenging task. Besides the fact that you would have to arrange for the transportation of all the items, managing the whole process can be a hassle too. However, professional moving services can make it a breeze, regardless of how large and complex the job might be.

  1. Safety

As mentioned previously, professional removalists take good care of every item and keep them safe from damage. Now, this is especially important during a commercial removal as damage to your goods can lead to loss of profits. If you are hiring warehouse Removals Canberra to Brisbane, you need not worry about losing any of the items being moved.

Are professional removal services expensive?

Homeowners often hesitate to hire reputed interstate removalists as they fear that it would cost them too much. However, these services are actually quite pocket-friendly and cost-effective. This is especially true in our case, as we take proactive measures to make the process more efficient. For instance, you may opt for interstate backloading to share a truck and curtail the transportation cost to a great extent.

We set competitive and reasonable rates for our services, making sure to never overcharge our customers. You could even use our removalist cost calculator for a fairly accurate estimate before you even get in touch with us. You need not worry about any hidden costs, as we are completely transparent and upfront. If you wish to hire one of the top Canberra to Brisbane removalists, feel free to call Monarch Removals at 1300 947 475 or fill up this form to contact us.


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I have recently experienced my 16th house move since 1980 and I am delighted to inform you that your team were exceptional. Nothing was too much trouble for them, the loading and unloading of my belongings were conducted with professionalism and never has a house move been so much pleasure!

Debbie M, Castle Hill NSW

You were kind enough to move my wife and myself from Sydney to our new home in Brisbane, and I just want to tell you how very pleased we were with the first class help from your staff, both in the office and the removal team themselves

John T, Potts Point NSW

We thank you for a relatively painless move. Everything went smoothly and on time. Your two operatives were superb! Working efficiently and cheerfully, Without doubt, a credit to Monarch Removals

Sally B, Kiama NSW

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you so much for all the support you personally gave for my short notice move - you were outstanding. The team were excellent and managed the pack and unpack in record time and for that I am also grateful

Robert Killara NSW

The guys at Monarch are the hardest workers I've known. Excellent in every aspect, they made the move stress free

David S, Liverpool NSW

The staff were friendly, funny and diligent. It was a relief to have such a competent crew move us during our stressful period

Maria P, Parramatta

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